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Travel Insurance Volcanic Ash: Is Icelands Katla volcano next to erupt?


Before April 2010, none of us had heard of flights being disrupted by volcanic ash, now it seems to be an ever present threat.

The latest threat is from the Katla volcano in Iceland, where clusters of small earthquakes have been detected over the last couple of weeks, which according to some seismologists could indicate that an eruption is imminent. “It is definitely showing signs of restlessness” said Einarsson, a professor of geophysics at the University of Iceland.

Civil defence authorities at nearby towns such as Vik, which has a population of 300, are drafting evacuation plans and holding regular meetings with scientists.Seismologists say that the longer pressure builds up, the more catastrophic an eruption could be. With the last eruption over 90 years ago and Katla usually erupting twice a century, it is long overdue for another eruption.

Katla is not the only Icelandic volcano sparking fears of eruption, in July it was reported that the Hekla Volcano could erupt imminently - the mountain has been expanding slowly over the past few years, possibly due to magma build up.

Add these fears of further Icelandic volcanic eruptions to actual disruption caused by volcanic ash from the Puyehue volcano in Chile to flights in Argentina last week and disruption in Australia and New Zealand caused by an ash cloud from the Cordon Caulle volcano in southern Chile earlier in the year, it's not surprising that volcanic ash is still on our minds.

Changes in the flying restrictions imposed by the CAA mean the blanket closure of European Airspace is unlikely to happen again, although of course it is not impossible. However, flights and travel continue to be disrupted by volcanic ash, and if you are affected, there is little comfort in knowing that you are one of a select few.Buying travel insurance with cover for volcanic ash cloud disruption could at least give you some peace of mind.

Travellers who are looking for volcanic ash travel insurance should consider purchasing Natural Catastrophe Cover as part of their travel insurance policy. If a travel insurance policy with natural catastrophe cover is bought before a volcano erupts, you will be able to make a claim for cancellation, delay and additional expenses incurred, as a result of the eruption.

You should read your travel insurance policy wording for full terms and conditions.

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