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15/08/2012 -

Don't jump! FCO warns of increasing incidents of balcony falls

There have been 13 incidents of young British holidaymakers being killed or seriously injured after falling from balconies whilst on holiday this year.
13/08/2012 -

Canary Island Fires: FCO issues warning to British holidaymakers

The Foreign Office has updated its travel advice for British holiday makers heading to the Canary Islands to include a warning about forest fires after local residents are evacuated from affected areas.
09/08/2012 -

Inspired by the Olympics to choose a more active holiday? Get the right travel insurance.

If the success of Team GB has inspired you to choose a more active holiday this year it’s important to make sure that you have the right travel insurance in place before you travel
07/08/2012 -

Volcanic ash disrupts flights in NZ: Travel insurance and volcanic ash

An unexpected volcanic eruption in New Zealand highlights the importance of buying travel insurance which includes volcanic ash cloud cover.

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