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Delays to UK airport liquid rule changes


Expected changes to the 100ml liquid rule have been hit by delays.

The Department of Transport had originally set a deadline for UK airports to switch to 3D scanning technology by June 2024. This technology is being installed to allow an increase to the 100ml liquid rule.

Challenges in Implementation:

Installing these new 3D scanners involves more than just ordering and installing them. It’s also about changing airport layouts and strengthening floors to handle the weight. These adjustments are no small feat and are slowing down the installation process.

That’s why some airports are struggling to meet the deadline.

London City Airport and some other smaller airports have already managed to instal the 3D scanners . At London City Airport travellers are now able to take up to 2 litres of liquids through security and do not need to remove electronic items from luggage for security!

Implications for family travellers:

Well, for now, it means sticking to the old 100ml liquid rule at many UK airports. You know the routine – pack your liquids in tiny bottles, cram them into a clear bag, and whip them out for security screening. It’s a bit of a hassle, especially when you’ve got little ones to wrangle and their essentials to keep track of.

Anticipated changes and benefits:

Once these 3D scanners are fully up and running, things should get easier for family travellers. Say goodbye to the fuss of measuring out tiny amounts of shampoo and lotion. With the 100ml rule out the window, you’ll have more freedom to pack what you need without the stress of 100 ml liquid restrictions

In the meantime, stay in the loop with current regulations and keep an eye out for updates on when the new tech will be in place.

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