18/10/2018 -

Cobalt Airline Ceases Trading: Advice for Customers

Low cost airline Colbalt cancelled all flights and ceased trading. Advice for Insurewithease.com travel insurance customers.
18/05/2018 -

Your Privacy is Important to Us

We have made some changes to our Privacy Policy in order to give you clearer information about how we use and protect your data and highlight your rights under the new data protection regulations which comes into force on 25 May
24/11/2017 -

Skiers & snowboarders: Graham Bell's tips for a safe trip

Skier Graham Bell offers his tips for staying safe on the slopes this winter.
14/11/2017 -

New Rules for Airlines Aim to Cut Missing Baggage by 30%

Great news for airline passengers: Steps are being taken which aim to cut the amount of luggage lost in transit by 30%.
24/08/2017 -

Brexit: Do I still need an EHIC?

Yes you should still carry an EHIC if you are travelling within the EEA. Nothing will change with regards to this until the UK actually leaves the EU in March 2019

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