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Important Information

Our policies include cover for Covid-19: See full details

There is no cover for cancellation caused by a change in FCDO/government advice, other than as a result of fire, earthquake, storm, flood, riot or civil unrest.

Our policies will not provide any cover if you travel to a destination where the FCDO is advising against all, or all but essential travel. Please check the latest advice before you travel.

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Annual Travel Insurance Quotation

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Buying annual travel insurance is easy with We provide a full range of cheap annual travel insurance policies for families, couples and individual holiday makers. You can get a quote for annual travel insurance in minutes and buy online for instant annual travel insurance cover.

Our annual travel insurance is ideal if you travel regularly. It is designed to provide cover for an unlimited number of holidays in one year, of up to 31 days (Silver & Gold policies) or 45 days (Platinum policies) per trip.

If you are planning a longer trip abroad, our Backpacker Travel Insurance can provide cover for trips of up to a year.

Annual travel insurance - cover & benefits

We offer three levels of annual travel insurance cover and a variety of optional extras, such as business cover or cover for mobile phones, which means that you can choose the right level of annual travel insurance for you.

  • Medical expenses and repatriation up to £10 million
  • 24 hour worldwide emergency medical assistance
  • Cancellation cover up to £7,500 (Platinum Cover)
  • Baggage & personal possessions up to £2,500 (Platinum Cover)

Read our Product Information Document document for more details on our annual travel insurance cover.

Cheap annual travel insurance - saving you time and money

If you travel more than once or twice a year it can often work out cheaper to buy annual travel insurance cover rather than having to remember to buy a single trip policy every time you go away.

Annual travel insurance gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you are covered whenever you decide to travel. Plus we'll send you a reminder 28 days before your annual travel insurance policy is due to expire, to help you ensure that you are always covered.

Flexible annual travel insurance

With our flexible annual travel insurance you can tailor your annual travel insurance policy to meet your exact needs. Choose from 3 levels of annual travel insurance cover - Silver, Gold or Platinum to suit your holidays and your budget.

For instance, if you're planning a series of short stays in Europe you may decide that our Silver annual travel insurance policy provides adequate cover for your needs. However, if you are planning a longer, luxury holiday you may find that you need the enhanced cover provided by our Platinum annual travel insurance policy which will cover trips of up to 45 days and cancellation cover of up to £7,500 per person.

Buying the right annual travel insurance cover for your needs

Once you've got a quote and chosen the level of annual travel insurance cover that you need, you can tailor your annual travel insurance policy by adding cover for any sports or activities that you plan to take part in whilst you're away. The following cover is available to add to any of our annual travel insurance policies:

  • Ski & snowboarding cover
  • Cruise holiday cover
  • Business, golf and wedding cover (included on Platinum policies)
  • Travel dispute cover
  • Adventure sports and hazardous activities

Making savings - don't pay for annual travel insurance cover that you don't need

You can save money on your annual travel insurance by making sure that you don't pay for any unnecessary cover.

If your home contents insurance covers your possessions and money away from home, why pay again to have them covered on your annual travel insurance as well - simply opt-out of baggage and money cover and save money.

Sarah Findlay, Marketing Manager at says an annual travel insurance policy is a good option for people who travel regularly, giving them peace of mind that they have travel insurance in place, even when they are travelling at short notice. For example, if you spot a cheap flight and book a spur of the moment weekend away, you don't have to worry about travel insurance; you're already covered on your annual travel insurance policy. Another plus point is that all adults named on your annual travel insurance policy are covered to travel throughout the year irrespective of whether they are travelling separately or together.

Annual travel insurance top tip - if you have a holiday booked already, choose today's date as the start date for your annual travel insurance policy so that you are covered for cancellation immediately. If you don't start your annual travel insurance cover until the day you depart for your holiday you will miss out on cancellation cover and could find yourself out of pocket.

It's also important to renew your annual travel insurance policy before it expires, so that you have uninterrupted annual travel insurance cover throughout the year.

Sarah Findlay says, if your annual travel insurance expires in February, but you don't have another holiday booked until June, you may think that you can save some money by not buying another annual travel insurance policy until you are about to depart on your holiday. But what if you something happens in the mean time which causes you to have to cancel your holiday? If your annual travel insurance has expired you would not be covered.

In short, if you have a holiday booked, whether you choose annual travel insurance or single trip travel insurance, it's important to have to have travel insurance in place to provide cover for cancellation.

Because it is important to retain uninterrupted annual travel insurance cover, we will notify you 28 days before your annual travel insurance is due to expire.

Annual travel insurance provides the best possible protection for you and your family in the event of industrial action and strikes. Travel insurance provides cover if your flight is delayed due to strike action, so long as your holiday is booked and your travel insurance is purchased before any strike dates are announced. In the current economic climate, strikes are becoming a much more regular occurrence and you never know when a strike could be announced which has the potential to impact your holiday. Always having annual travel insurance in place means that you wouldn't be caught out with a strike being announced before you have bought travel insurance. Annual travel insurance gives you the peace of mind that you are covered for a whole year.

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Key Benefits

  • Cover for an unlimited number of trips in a year
  • Choose from 3 levels of cover to suit your budget
  • Maximum 31 days (Silver & Gold) or 45 days per trip (Platinum)
  • Discounts for families
  • Excess waiver available
  • Business, cruise and golf cover extensions

Annual Travel Insurance