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30/11/2010 -

Heavy snowfall grounds flights at Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport has been hit by heavy snowfall, and the icy conditions have led to flight cancellations and delays.
29/11/2010 -

Heavy snowfall closes Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport will be closed until further notice due to heavy snowfall. Travellers should contact their airline for further information.
26/11/2010 -

Visit Rome in December to avoid the crowds

Visit Rome in December to avoid the crowds and view famous tourist attractions in a different light.
25/11/2010 -

Holidaymakers still waiting for volcanic ash cloud compensation

British holidaymakers are still awaiting compensation from airlines for the disruption caused by the volcanic ash cloud that closed European airspace.
24/11/2010 -

Foreign Office urges skiers to buy winter sports cover

The Foreign Office is urging skiers and snowboarders to buy winter sports cover for their next holiday on the slopes.
23/11/2010 -

Tragedy strikes at Cambodia Water Festival

Nearly 400 people have died in a tragic incident at the Cambodia Water Festival in Phnom Penh when a stampede ensued on a bridge.
22/11/2010 -

Strikes in France could cause travel disruptions on 23 November

Strike action in France could affect people’s travel plans on 23 November 2010. Air, rail and ferry travel could all be disrupted.
19/11/2010 -

Spend Christmas in Toronto and experience Winter Magic

Experience the magic of Christmas in Toronto during the Winter Magic festival, which hosts a range of events from fire shows to break dancing.
18/11/2010 -

Choosing what time of year to volunteer abroad

If you decide to volunteer abroad, consider how the time of year could affect the project you are joining.
17/11/2010 -

Royal wedding could spell trouble for travel industry

The travel industry is concerned that if the royal wedding takes place in the summer then it could affect people travelling abroad.
16/11/2010 -

Explore Luxor's newly discovered sphinxes during a holiday in Egypt

More sphinxes have been uncovered in Luxor, which are expected to be on display to the public in February 2011 in the world’s largest open air museum.
15/11/2010 -

FCDO advises tourists to stay safe in Australia during the Ashes Tour

The FCO has issued advice for cricket fans that are travelling to Australia to enjoy the Ashes Tour.
12/11/2010 -

Abu Dhabi plans to cement itself as a luxury destination

Abu Dhabi offers culture, innovation and impressive hotels marking it as a luxury destination, and it’s continuing to grow.
10/11/2010 -

Singapore Airlines grounds three A380s to replace engines

Three A380 planes in the Singapore Airlines fleet will be having their engines changed for an updated model as a precautionary measure.
09/11/2010 -

Rise in air passenger duty already affecting holiday plans

A survey carried out by the World Trade Market has revealed that the rise in APD is already affecting people’s holiday plans for next year.
08/11/2010 -

Check out the Winter Festival of Lights at Niagara Falls in Ontario

The Winter Festival of Lights runs from 6 November 2010 to 31 January 2011, when the Canadian side of Niagara Falls are spectacularly illuminated.
05/11/2010 -

Qantas plane makes emergency landing after engine explodes

The chief executive of Qantas has suggested that the incident on Thursday involving an exploded engine could have been due to a design issue.
03/11/2010 -

Gap year students taking part in "voluntourism" undermine local workers

Some believe that gap year students may be damaging the local economy when they take part in volunteer projects abroad.
02/11/2010 -

Enjoy the delights of a holiday in November

Escape the cold, dark British climate and enjoy a holiday in November!
01/11/2010 -

Explosive device discovered on cargo plane at East Midlands Airport

An explosive device was discovered on a cargo plane at East Midlands Airport on Friday. It was disguised as a printer cartridge.

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