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23/12/2011 -

CAA report shows 27% of charter flights delayed: Your rights and travel insurance cover

Flight delays decreased over the peak summer months this year, but over 20% of flights were still delayed by 15 minutes or more. We tell you how to find out what your rights are and how travel insurance can help.
20/12/2011 -

Good news for travellers: Banks agree to drop travel money fees!

At last there is some positive news for the British holiday maker. After pressure from the Office of Fair Trading, banks and credit card companies have agreed to drop some of the charges they levy to holidaymakers buying foreign currency
14/12/2011 -

Travel insurance cover for storms and bad weather

How can travel insurance help if bad weather, such as high winds, means that your flight is delayed?
09/12/2011 -

Ski Insurance for Real Enthusiasts, New Increased Ski Equipment Cover Available Now! has introduced a new option, Winter Sports with Increased Equipment Cover, which provides up to £2000 of insurance cover for your own ski or snowboard equipment.
09/12/2011 -

Snow has arrived in the Alps, Its time to hit the ski slopes!

After a worryingly warm November, ski and snowboard enthusiasts have heaved a huge sigh of relief as heavy snowfall has arrived in the Alps this week
05/12/2011 -

Holiday makers will pay more tax next year

The Government confirmed last week that Air Passenger Duty (APD) will increase by 8-10% from April 2012.
05/12/2011 -

Ski Insurance: FCO advise do not hit the slopes without it

FCO state that one in five travellers are not taking out ski insurance when they go on a winter sports holiday. This is a big because the costs of an accident on the ski slopes can be huge.

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