Travel News » June 2010

30/06/2010 -

Hurricane Alex hampers oil spill efforts and heads for Mexico and Texas

29/06/2010 -

Koh Phangan Full Moon Party revellers injured in boat crash

28/06/2010 -

Thomas Cook set to replace in-flight entertainment with PSPs

25/06/2010 -

Holidays in Hawaii rise in popularity thanks to TV show Lost

24/06/2010 -

Ferrari World under construction on Abu Dhabis Yas Island

23/06/2010 -

Beijing striving to become the most popular destination in the world

22/06/2010 -

Stranded tourists on holiday in Greece will be compensated

21/06/2010 -

Tourists in Cambodia encouraged to visit Sambor Prei Kuk near Angkor Wat

18/06/2010 -

Grand opening of the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando

17/06/2010 -

Flash floods wreak havoc in southern France

16/06/2010 -

Your holiday in Greece could be affected by public transport strikes

15/06/2010 -

LD Lines ferry operator introduces self check in for foot passengers

13/06/2010 -

USA National Park devastated by flood water

12/06/2010 -

Mandela will miss World Cup opening ceremony due to death in the family

11/06/2010 -

Top tips to ENJOY the World Cup on holiday

11/06/2010 -

Top Tips to AVOID the World Cup on holiday

10/06/2010 -

Romanian stowaway hides on Vienna to London flight

09/06/2010 -

US patrol agent kills teenager at Mexican border crossing

08/06/2010 -

Football hooligans deported prior to the start of World Cup 2010

07/06/2010 -

European fuel prices continue to rise

04/06/2010 -

Voluntary worker mauled to death by lion in African wildlife sanctuary

03/06/2010 -

Gulf of Mexico oil spill creeps closer to Florida Panhandle

02/06/2010 -

American woman falls asleep on plane and wakes up in a nightmare

01/06/2010 -

Guatemala hit by deadly tropical storm

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