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Fears for another volcanic ash cloud over Europe


Iceland's most feared volcano, Hekla, looks ready to erupt which could result in yet another ash cloud hitting European air space.

The Hekla volcano is situated nearby the Eyjafjoell volcano which caused the world's biggest airspace shutdown last year, affecting more than 100,000 flights and millions of passengers.

Does your travel insurance cover volcanic ash?

Travellers who are looking for volcanic ash travel insurance should consider purchasing Natural Catastrophe Cover as part of their travel insurance policy. If a policy is bought before the volcano erupts, you will be covered for cancellation, delay and additional expenses incurred, as a result of the eruption. You should read your travel insurance policy wording for full terms and conditions. The latest volcanic ash information is available from the FCO website.

A Geophysicist from the University of Iceland has said that there has been ‘unusual movement' around Hekla, this may not indicate an immediate blast however ‘the volcano is ready to erupt'.

It is not yet clear when the volcano is set to erupt however the mountain has been slowly expanding over the past few years which is thought to be due to magma build up, the mountain is being watched very carefully as eruption fears continue to grow.

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