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Holiday from hell? Find out how travel insurance can help.


Travel insurance with Travel Dispute Cover

Experiencing a holiday from hell can be devastating; we give you some top tips to help resolve a complaint with your holiday supplier and tell you how travel insurance can provide extra help if your travel supplier doesn't respond to your satisfaction.

A holiday from hell not only wastes our hard earned cash, but more importantly it ruins precious leisure time with our loved ones. When we book a holiday we trust our money and our precious leisure time with a tour operator, travel or accommodation supplier and we have to wait and see if they deliver what they promised.

We've all seen pictures of hotels that turn out to building sites, or bathrooms covered in damp or cockroaches, but what can we do if it happens on our holiday?

You need to raise your complaint as soon as you can with your holiday supplier, preferably whilst you are still in resort, this gives them the opportunity to put things right so that you can enjoy the rest of your holiday. If they are unable to correct the problem to your satisfaction you should make a formal complaint when you return home.

Read our tips on how to resolve a dispute with your holiday supplier.

Add Travel Dispute Cover to your travel insurance for extra protection

If your holiday supplier does not respond to your satisfaction you can consider independent arbitration or taking legal action.

Adding Travel Dispute (Professional Fees) Cover to your travel insurance can help if you don't manage to get a satisfactory resolution from your holiday supplier by helping you to pursue legal action.

Many people don't pursue legal action because they don't know how to go about it or they are worried about the cost - if you add Travel Dispute (Professional Fees) Cover to your travel insurance you won't have that worry.

If you receive an unsatisfactory response you're your holiday supplier our legal experts will assess whether you have a case for legal action. If you have a legal case, our specialists will take over the claim and appoint a specialist to act on your behalf.

You can add Travel Dispute Cover to any of our single trip travel insurance or annual travel insurance policies.

Find out more about adding Travel Dispute Cover to your travel insurance.

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