Travel News > March 2008 > STA Travel - Insurance is "important on gap year holidays"

STA Travel - Insurance is "important on gap year holidays"


Gap year travellers should make sure they have travel insurance before heading-off abroad, says one industry expert.

According to STA travel, those undertaking activities abroad, such as kite-surfing or windsailing or even learning a new skill as everyday as cookery should have insurance.

"It is recommended that all travellers have adequate travel insurance for all trips, " said a spokesperson for STA travel, which has almost 30 years' experience in travel for students and young people.

"This allows the traveller to enjoy their trip safe in the knowledge they are covered against the unexpected."

What is more, the further a holidaymaker is away from home, or the more secluded their location, the more expensive it would be to repatriate the traveller back to the UK in the case of an accident or illness she added

Around 25 per cent of young travellers travel uninsured or underinsured each year, potentially putting their parents' homes and financial security at risk according to

Furthermore 230,000 people between the ages of 18 and 24 take a gap year per annum, highlighting the scale of this problem.

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