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Ryanair offers cut-price holiday accommodation


Budget airline Ryanair has started offering cheap self-catering holiday accommodation for the first time after tying up with holiday home search engine Perfect Getaways.

Passengers can choose from more than 1,000 properties in holiday resorts, city centres and rural hideaways in holiday hotspots across the Mediterranean including Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

Accommodation can be booked directly from Ryanair's website or via Users can search for properties by location or type of holiday, such as skiing, groups or disability friendly.

Owners of holiday homes can also advertise their properties via the Ryanair website, paying the airline a minimum £4 fee for each enquiry.

There are no annual subscription charges or joining fees, though home owners should do their sums before signing up as fees for enquiries could add up to much more than the cost of advertising on rival websites such as or

Ryanairlettings claims to offer holidaymakers 'guaranteed best prices', though it seems from the website that there is no actual guarantee that the rental prices advertised are the lowest available.

Properties are listed in detail on the website, which also includes photos, but bookings can not be made directly on the site. Interested parties must contact the owners via an online form, similar to ones used by other holiday home websites.

It is not clear yet whether Ryanair plans to charge those booking accommodation extra for items such supplying a front door key, flushing toilets or watching TV. Watch this space.

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