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Quad biking accident highlights importance of travel insurance cover for extreme sports


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A 10 year old boy is in hospital with serious head injuries after a quad biking accident in the popular holiday resort of Bodrum, Turkey. The boy's family is trying to raise the £15,000 to pay for his care as their travel insurance policy did not cover quad biking because it is classed as an extreme sport.

This accident highlights the importance of buying appropriate travel insurance for your holiday and checking that any sports or activities you intend to take part in are covered on your policy.

Travel insurance for extreme sports and hazardous activities

Whichever travel insurance provider you choose, it's vital to check the terms and conditions to make sure that you have travel insurance cover for the sports and activities you want to enjoy on holiday. covers 25 sports and activities as standard, surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving up to 18 metres. You also get the option to upgrade your travel insurance to include cover for more dangerous sports, quad biking for instance can be covered under hazardous activities category B. Up to 100 sports and activities that can be covered including camel riding, dog sledging and white water rafting.

If you know what activities you intend to take part in before you travel it's really easy to get the right cover. Just check the policy wording to see if the activities you need are covered as standard, or whether you need to purchase an upgrade. A few minutes spent checking and a few extra pounds spent on travel insurance for extreme sports before you go could save you thousands in the event of an accident abroad.

Sudden urge for adventure? Upgrade your travel insurance cover whilst you're away.

If you hadn't planned on doing anything more dangerous than lying on a beach, but whilst away suddenly get the urge for a bit of adventure, check to see if your travel insurance provides cover for the activity before you take part. Don't worry if the activity isn't included as standard, you can call us whilst you are away to add additional cover for more extreme sports and hazardous activities. It may seem like a hassle, but it could save you thousands of pounds of medical fees if you have an accident.

In summary, before you take part in any sport or activity, just spend a minute to check whether you have travel insurance cover - if you don't, think carefully about whether it's worth the risk of taking part.

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