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Pppp pick up a trip to see penguins


Penguin lovers everywhere take note - January 20 was Penguin Awareness Day, but if you missed it, don't worry. Not a lot of people know when it is and even fewer know what it means.

But if your love of these flightless, waddly creatures means you'd travel to the ends of the earth to admire them in their natural habitat then this is your lucky week.

Book before March 1 and adventure travel company Gap Adventures is offering discounts of up to 15 per cent on trips, all of which will include visits to penguins on their home turf. Or ice.

To receive the discounts, holidaymakers must quote PENGUINDAY10 for trips to the Galapagos and Overland South Africa trips or PENGUINDAY15 for holidays to Antarctica when booking on line or through Gap Adventures' reservations centre.

Trips eligible for the discounts start at £479, reduced to £431, for six days in South Africa, where penguins can be spotted all along the south coast.

The Port Elizabeth to Cape Town overland tour covers the beaches and forests of the famed Garden Route, wildlife in the Addo Elephant Park and Cape Town. Departures are on July 1, so the visit will coincide with the World Cup tournament in South Africa.

For those of you who are intrigued, Penguin Awareness Day is...well, we don't know actually as we Googled it and came up with nothing. However, World Penguin Day, celebrated on April 25, coincides with the annual migration north. Apparently.

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