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Pet owners warned about myxomatosis


A veterinary charity has warned rabbit owners about the potential risk of myxomatosis following a recent outbreak.

The PDSA has reported that there has been an increase in the number of cases of the diseases in three of its hospitals.

Vets in its hospitals in Romford and Hull have recorded a 300 per cent increase in cases in the last year.

Sean Wensley, senior veterinary surgeon with the charity, urged pet owners to seek advice and to take preventative action.

"Myxomatosis is preventable through vaccination and protecting pet rabbits from disease and suffering should be a priority," Mr Wensley remarked.

Protecting rabbits from disease is "as important as for other pets", he added.

According to, myxomatosis can be contracted by rabbits via bites from mosquitoes and fleas, while Cheyletiella fur mites also carry the disease.

Rabbits can also pass on the disease to other rabbits, as has been demonstrated in previous outbreaks in the UK, the site noted.

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