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Newlyweds spending "more than ever" on honeymoons


Newlyweds are spending more than ever on their honeymoons, according to new research.

A poll by esure has revealed that on average newly-married couples fork out over £1,600 on their post-nuptial breaks, compared to just £600 in the late 1980s.

Head of esure, Mike Pickard, said: "It's interesting to see how trends have changed over the years and how much pressure there is now on using the honeymoon as the ultimate breakaway.

"With the rise in the number of people cohabiting before they get married nowadays, the honeymoon is seen as a much bigger deal, as it offers the chance to have a dream holiday before couples can truly settle down to married life."

Furthermore, 21st century honeymooners are taking an average of £615 in spending money on their trip, according to the survey.

The poll found that spending such vast quantities of money put a pressure on honeymooners to have the perfect holiday.

Honeymooners jetting-off to exotic locations should make sure they have taken out a travel insurance policy, which will cover their medical costs should they fall ill abroad.

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