Travel News > March 2010 > Make sure you buy travel insurance this Easter, says Foreign Office

Make sure you buy travel insurance this Easter, says Foreign Office


The Foreign Office has urged holidaymakers to make sure they have adequate travel insurance if they are planning to travel this Easter, one of the busiest times of the year.

In a stark warning on its website, the Foreign Office points out that 'many people regret not taking out travel insurance'.

It says that holidaymakers don't bother buying travel insurance because they think their credit card accident cover, home insurance, or private health cover are sufficient but only discover when it is too late that they haven't got adequate protection.

"An emergency abroad can be extremely expensive, it said. If you need to be returned to the UK it could cost you thousands of pounds, unless you are adequately insured."

According to the Foreign Office, an air ambulance from the Canary Islands could cost as much as £20,000; the same trip from the east coast of the United States would cost up to £45 000.

"Remember the British Embassy or High Commission will not pay for this", said the Foreign Office.

When buying travel insurance, the Foreign Office recommends holidaymakers check for medical and health cover, 24-hour emergency assistance, personal liability cover, lost and stolen possessions cover, cancellation and curtailment and cover for extra activities you might do while abroad, such as jet skiing.

It also recommends holidaymakers book with a company that holds an Air Travel Organiser's Licence (ATOL) or is a member of an association that can offer financial protection, such as ABTA or the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO).

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