Travel News > January 2008 > City breaks top for Valentine's Day trips

City breaks top for Valentine's Day trips


City breaks remain top of the list for Valentine's Day trips, although more adventurous lovers are now looking further afield, it has been claimed.

According to a spokesman for the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO), the lure of spending time with a loved in Paris, Rome and Venice is still strong and this is reflected in strong demand.

However, the association also noted that other "European destinations are coming upstream", most notably Monaco, Barcelona and the chilly charms of Reykjavik.

This can be attributed to travellers who have already spent time in the cities that have traditionally been chosen for Valentine's breaks, but who are now seeking a change of scenery.

"[These destinations are] a little bit off the beaten track because people want to do something a little bit different - they are so well travelled at this point; they have done a lot of the major cities and now they want something a bit different."

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