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Cheapflights tells holidaymakers how to turn green


Price comparison website Cheapflights UK is giving holidaymakers advice on how to be ecologically responsible when visiting foreign countries in its new report, Green Travel.

Air travel is to blame for two per cent of greenhouse gas emissions and, although this is lower than is generally perceived, Cheapflights said it wanted to encourage holidaymakers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Cheapflights travel expert Nadine Hallak said "We'd like to take the opportunity to encourage travellers to participate in the growing eco-travel trend by offering a guide to how they can do so."

Its report also picks out the top five eco-friendly airlines and lists the steps the are taking to help the environment; the list includes Qatar Airways which was the first airline to run a commercial passenger flight powered by natural gas derived fuel, Virgin Atlantic, which operated the first commercial flight partially powered by bio-fuel British Airways for its plans to produce 16 millin gallons of bio-fuel by 2014 Continental Airlines for its young fleet of aircraft and Southwest Airlines for its attempts to optimise flight paths to cut fuel consumption.

Contrary to popular belief, the report says green travel is affordable. Simple changes to behaviour such as packing fewer clothes and products and choosing eco-friendly destinations actually save holidaymakers money, it says.

Holidaymakers could also make a big difference with small changes to their behaviour, such as using public transport where possible, remembering to turn off lights and eating at local restaurants says the report.

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