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How will Brexit affect my travel insurance and my holiday


To help put your mind at ease we've put together some answers to the most common questions we've been asked about Brexit and travel insurance over the last couple of weeks.

The first thing to say is that until the UK officially leaves the EU, which will be at least 2 years away, there will no change to the rights that you have when you go on holiday, your freedom to move around the EU or the service provided by your travel insurer.

Will my travel insurance still be valid in the EU?

Yes your travel insurance will still be valid, your cover will remain the same and you will receive exactly the same service from your insurer should you require emergency medical treatment whilst you are in an EU country.

Will I still be able to access emergency medical support from within the EU?

Yes.  Your travel insurance provides access to a 24 hour emergency medical assistance service which is available by phone from anywhere in the world.

Is my EHIC still valid?

Yes, your EHIC is still valid and will be until the UK officially leaves the EU.  You should carry your EHIC with you when you are in the EU as it proves your entitlement to state provided healthcare. 

The EHIC doesn’t replace the need for travel insurance, as it doesn’t cover all the costs of medical treatment and it doesn’t cover repatriation back to the UK, but it is still worth having one because many insurers will waiver the excess payable on a medical claim if you used an EHIC and it resulted in a reduction of your medical bills.

After the UK has actually left the EU the healthcare you are entitled to abroad will depend on any reciprocal health care agreements which the UK negotiates with the EU or individual countries.

Can I still get compensation if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

Yes. There will be no changes to claiming compensation if your flight is delayed or cancelled until the UK has actually left the EU.

Your travel insurance may also provide cover for flight delays.

Will I need a new passport or visa to visit countries within the EU?

No. Nothing will change with regards to freedom of movement, or passports until the UK actually leaves the EU, which will be no sooner than June 2018.

Will my holiday be more expensive?

If you have already booked and paid for your holiday the cost will not change, but you will probably find that your spending money won’t go as far due to a weaker pound. 

If the pound continues to be weak against other currencies you could find that future holidays become more expensive.

Will I still be able to bring unlimited goods back from the EU?

Yes, nothing will change with regards to bringing goods purchased within the EU back to the UK until the UK officially leaves the EU.

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