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Brexit Delay Means No Disruption to Summer Holidays!


The UK is now due to leave the EU on the 31 October, with the option to leave sooner if a deal is agreed. This is good news for summer holidays abroad, as it means that there will be no Brexit related disruption to worry about. 

If we leave without a deal it won’t be until the end of October. And if a deal is agreed there is likely to be a transition period in place so travel and security arrangements will remain the same until the end of 2020.

ABTA, The Travel Association states,

'Brexit extension provides certainty that all existing travel arrangements with the EU will continue until at least 31 October.'

Your Travel Insurance Will Be Valid

Remember, whatever happens, your travel insurance with will be valid, according to the terms and conditions of the policy, whether we leave the EU with or without a deal.

Any policy issued for travel post-Brexit will remain in place and cover will continue as per the contract at the time of sale.

Plus, in the unlikely event that there are any interruptions to travel due to Brexit, our stance is as follows for all policy holders:

  • If you are abroad, we will automatically extend your cover with no additional premium.
  • If you have a policy in place and are unable to travel, we will offer a full refund or the option to change your travel dates within the usual terms of a policy.

Dos and Don’ts of Travel After Brexit

If you are still worried about travelling during or after Brexit, here are some things to keep in mind that will minimise your risk of disruption.

  • Do Buy Travel Insurance. Travel insurance’s main purpose is to cover emergency medical costs abroad if you have an accident or fall ill, it will also pay for you to come back to the UK by air ambulance if medically necessary.
  • Don’t Rely on an EHIC. If the UK leaves the EU without a deal it may not be valid. Also, an EHIC will not cover the cost for you to return to the UK if you are not fit to travel on your pre-booked flight.
  • Do Book a Package Holiday. If you are worried about disruption due to Brexit the best thing to do is to book a package holiday from a bonded travel agent or tour operator. A package holiday will be covered by the Package Travel Regulations, which means you are able to claim a full refund if the holiday cannot be supplied.
  • Do Check that your Passport will be Valid.  In the event that we leave the EU without a deal some countries will require you to have 6 months left on your passport from the day you return home. The Government has created a handy tool which you can use to check whether your passport will be valid. Check your passport
  • Do Check the Rules for Driving. If you are planning on driving in the EU after Brexit you may need to apply for an International Driving Permit if the UK leaves without a deal. These are available from the Post Office and cost £5.50.

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