Travel News » March 2009 » 1 pound to spend a penny - whatever next?

1 pound to spend a penny - whatever next?


Ryanair is inviting passengers to come up with more ridiculous money-spinning suggestions after boss Michael O'Leary confirmed that he is considering the possibility of passengers paying for a pee.

The airline, which announced last month that it is looking at introducing toilet charges in a drive to keep its costs down, is now offering a €1,000 cash prize for 'the most ingenious, wacky and creative' money-saving ideas submitted via

Ryanair said it was looking for 'the next ancillary revenue idea' which, in passenger-speak, translates as 'extra charges for essential services'.

The best suggestions to date are: charging for toilet paper, €2.50 to read the safety card, €1 to use oxygen masks, €2.50 to use the emergency exit and €50 for cabin crew in bikinis.

Already the airline charges passengers extra for baggage, airport check-in, credit card payments, priority boarding and meals and drinks on board.

Like other low-fares airlines that attempt to boost their revenue through the sale of additional products, Ryanair also cheekily adds the cost of travel insurance to each booking.

Passengers should be aware that they are not obliged to buy travel insurance from the airlines but with some carriers � including easyJet - they need to deselect the option before clicking to book.

Travel insurance sold by the airlines might not be as competitive as policies sold independently and the cover not as comprehensive. was charging £7.32 for European cover this week; for the same trip, insurewithease cover costs from £5.54.

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