Top tips for making the most of a music festival abroad

So you've decided to ditch the Glastonbury mud for the warmer climate of a festival abroad. There's plenty of choice, from Benicassim in Spain to Sziget in Hungary, and many of them showcase popular British and American bands.

But are you fully prepared for your long weekend of music and mayhem in the sun? A music festival abroad should be treated like any other holiday. And like any holiday, a certain degree of preparation is a must.

So what are the advantages of going to a music festival in Europe?

  • Cheaper tickets than at home
  • Tickets are often easier to get hold of and don't sell out as quickly
  • The chance to see foreign bands that you wouldn't see at home
  • Camping-friendly warm weather
  • Some foreign festivals have better facilities

How do you prepare?

  • Buy comprehensive travel insurance - offers great value single trip and annual multi-trip insurance policies
  • Buy your festival tickets in advance from a reputable source so that you don't end up with fakes
  • Plan your journey so that you arrive at the festival site at least the day before, giving you plenty of time to acclimatise and allow for flight delays
  • Pack light and be sure that you can carry your luggage comfortably
  • Invest in a sturdy rucksack - it's the best was to carry your luggage to a festival
  • Consider hiring a tent at the festival so that you'll have less to carry
  • Take plenty of sunscreen and a sunhat - you'll need them for those long hours in the sun
  • Take a collapsible water carrier - it'll fit snugly in your luggage and it's handy for using on the campsite
  • Before taking the decision to drive to the festival, first find out if they will have suitable car parking facilities
  • Learn a few local phrases
  • Don't forget your ticket!
  • Consider extending your trip so that you have a few days to relax after the festival is over

Once you've made all the necessary preparations, you've trekked to the festival and you've dumped your luggage, you can kick back and enjoy the music!

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