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Keeping the kids happy: Top tips for a stress free family holiday


Travelling with children can be a stressful situation at times and with added security at airports, 2-3 hour waits before boarding and departure gates seeming to be miles away, keeping the kids entertained can be a struggle. Not to mention when you're actually on the plane.

In the airport:

If it's the right time of day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) try and eat while you're waiting to board, this way you can take up a significant chunk of your hanging around time with a sit-down bite to eat and a drink.

You can usually watch the planes from this part of the airport so spend some time with your children ??looking for your plane' or guessing where the different planes are headed to. It might be wise to try and tire your little ones out so walk them round the airport as much as you can.

There are usually a lot of duty-free shops so wander around with them and get them to look for things for you, this could tire them out which will be very useful for when you're on the plane.

Excitable children and planes/plane passengers tend not to mix so if you do stop for lunch and a drink try and avoid giving them stuff with a lot of additives and e-numbers in, for obvious reasons!

Trunkis have become a common sight in airports now and rightly so, they keep your kids entertained and carry their stuff. If you don't have one it could be worth looking into getting one.

If your child is of reading age then engage them in every process of being in the airport from identifying your flight on the check-in board to your gate and what time you need to be there.

On the plane:

In preparation for being on the plane you should take as much entertainment for your child as possible, reading material, if you have a tablet of some kind with games on that don't need Internet connection, drawing and colouring in materials, an IPod and then other games you can play as a family.

If it's a longer flight try and wind your child down to the point where they may be able to sleep but if they simply can't and they want to move around try and distract them by challenging them to a game you have brought along.

At your holiday destination:

When you're at your destination you will already be armed with various toys and books but another more pleasant option is to make friends with other families who have children of a similar age to your own. That way you can have an adult conversation as both sets of parents supervise their children playing together close by.

If there are good excursions to go on then do, this breaks the monotony of sitting round the pool which, for your children, might become boring after a few days.

And last, but by no means least, if there are kids clubs - get them involved! Kids clubs are usually well organised and ran by childcare professionals and the children are always nearby.

Remember, no matter how well you have planned your family holiday things can sometimes go wrong. Travel insurance is there to help you when they do. For instance, if one of you falls ill and requires medical treatment abroad, your travel insurance can cover the cost. If you don't have travel insurance you would have to pay the medical bills yourself.

For your family travel insurance to be valid it you must purchase the policy before you leave the UK and it must cover the entire duration of your trip.

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