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Top 10 holiday gadgets

No matter where you are going on holiday, the right gadget can make things more fun, more comfortable or just more convenient.

Whether you're a gadget fiend or not we're sure you'll find something amongst our top 10 holiday gadgets which will be useful on your holiday.

  • Universal power adapter
  • Why take 4 power adapters with you on holiday when you could get away with taking one! A universal power adapter that also has USB slots means that you can do just that, making sure your phone, camera, shavers, and any other devices are all compatible.

  • Waterproof money belt
  • You no longer need to worry about who's going to watch your money whilst you go for a dip in the sea or pool. A waterproof money belt will stop you having to choose between wet money and stolen money.

  • Waterproof digital camera
  • Get the some great holiday snaps on the beach or by the pool without having to worry about what will happen if your camera gets wet. To make sure you capture every action shot make sure the camera is also shockproof and dustproof.

  • Compact mini tripod
  • A mini tripod can be a great holiday accessory whether you're a photography enthusiast or not. It will hold the camera steady for long exposures to capture views at night, or simply to enable you to use the timer on your camera so that you can be in your own shots with the rest of the family.

  • Luggage scale
  • If you're likely to end up doing a bit of shopping on holiday there is a danger that your baggage could be overweight when you come home. A luggage scale will help make sure you don't have to pay any hefty fines for overweight baggage.

  • GPS walking tracker
  • If you enjoy exploring when you're on holiday a walking tracker is a must. As well as making sure you don't get lost, it will help you keep track of things like how far you've walked and calories burned, as well as help you plan the best walking routes.

  • Tablet or Kindle
  • Flights and other long journeys need never be a bore again if you have an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or Kindle with you and a selection of your favourite books, music, movies and games.

  • Portable speaker
  • These days you can get portable speakers that are small enough to fit in your pocket but still loud enough to get you dancing - perfect if you're getting ready for a night out.

  • Solar charger
  • A solar charger means that you can keep your phone fully charged, even when you are relaxing on the beach.

  • Pocket fan
  • It's a typically British trait to continually moan about the cold, only to complain that it's too hot at the first sight of sun. A pocket fan will keep you in a cool mood, leaving you free to find something else to complain about while on holiday.

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