How to find out about terrorist threats abroad

FCO Travel Aware

Travelling to far flung corners of the world is an exciting adventure, but before you travel, it's important to find out about terrorist threats in your chosen destination. Remember that destinations closer to home could also be subjected to terrorist threats.

Before you travel, keep up to date with world news, and visit the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office website. The FCDO provides accurate information about countries around the world. They achieve this by using security and intelligence agencies, local knowledge and reports from embassies.

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office can advise on the severity level of the terrorist threats so that you can decide for yourself if it is safe to travel. Our advice mirrors that of the FCDO.

Avoiding terrorist threats

  • Check the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and sign up to their email alerts
  • Keep up to date with local news in your chosen destination before you travel and while you are away
  • Register with the British Embassy when you arrive on foreign soil
  • Keep on your toes in areas that attract terrorist threats such as embassies, hotels, restaurants and bars
  • Report anything suspicious to local police
  • Try not to look like a target - alter the time and route of journeys that you might often take

Terrorist threats include suicide bombings, hijackings, kidnappings, shootings and chemical or biological attacks.

Chemical attacks involve the release of poisonous vapours while biological terrorism is the issuing of rare diseases such as anthrax or smallpox.

There are steps you can take if you are unfortunate enough to become a victim of biological terrorism.

Biological terrorism

  • Leave the area quickly but calmly
  • Head above ground if you are underground as chemicals are often heavier than air
  • Contact the emergency services about the situation as soon as possible
  • Don't drift too far away from the scene as you may be harbouring germs
  • Consult the emergency services for assistance

Most people travel without being affected by terrorist threats. And you shouldn't let the threat of terrorism prevent you from enjoying a holiday abroad. Just by keeping up to date with potential terrorist threats around the world, you can limit your chances of getting caught up in an attack.

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