Travel delays can be stressful and exhausting. Here at, we want to make it easy for you to make a claim if your holiday suffers a travel delay that was beyond control.

When making a claim for travel delay, you will need to send us your flight ticket or booking confirmation letter as proof of your holiday dates.

Making a claim for flight delays

Flight delays can be a pain and difficult to predict. You can only make a claim for flight delays under certain circumstances:

  • You must have already checked in for your flight
  • If your flight is delayed by more than 12 hours you can claim for extra expenses at the airport, such as food and drink
  • Your flight must be delayed by 24 hours in order for you to make a claim for cancelling your holiday
  • Send us a letter from the airline that outlines the details of the delay
  • You'll need to send us your flight ticket as proof that you were booked on the flight

Making a claim for missed departure

Missing your departure can be a terrible start to your holiday. Here's what you can claim for and the steps you'll need to take:

  • If your bus, train or UK domestic flight to the airport is delayed, ask the public transport provider to send details of the delay

To get more information on to make a claim for travel delay and how much you are covered for, please refer to your policy wording.

More Claims Information

For more information on how to make a specific claim and what documentation you need to provide, please follow the links below:

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