At, we understand that your baggage is important to you and it can be a pain if it's lost or stolen. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make a claim if you have taken out one of our policies.

Claiming for lost, damaged or stolen luggage

  • If your lost items were bought recently, try to send us a copy of a bank statement or receipt that shows how much it cost so that we can reimburse you accordingly. It's also the perfect way to prove that you owned the lost item
  • If your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged at the airport, obtain a PIR (Property Irregularity Report). The PIR must be given to you if your luggage was in the possession of a carrier when it was lost, stolen or damaged
  • Your home contents insurance or credit card insurance might provide cover for lost property - find out before making a claim
  • Send us your airline tickets or a holiday confirmation letter that contains details of your travel dates

Stolen Luggage

  • Visit the local police station to get a police report within 24 hours
  • If you are travelling on a cruise ship, obtain a ship's report to back up your claim
  • Keep a note of where your luggage was located when it was stolen

Lost Luggage

  • Luggage that is lost at the airport after it has been checked in is the responsibility of the airline. They will be allowed a certain amount of time to track down your lost luggage before you can make a claim

Damaged Luggage

  • If an item has been damaged, don't throw it away. We might ask to see it before you can make a claim
  • Get a repairer to assess how much it might cost to fix the damaged item and pass the information onto us

For details of the limit of cover on your insurance policy for stolen or lost luggage, please refer to your policy wording.

More Claims Information

For more information on how to make a specific claim and what documentation you need to provide, please follow the links below:

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