Having to cancel your holiday can be a real disappointment, so here at insurewithease.com we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make a travel insurance claim for cancellation.

There are certain steps you need to do take before you can make a claim, and you need to be aware that you can only make a cancellation claim under certain circumstances.

Cancellation cover

  • Redundancy - your employer needs to produce a letter stating that you have been made redundant and that it falls under the redundancy act
  • Jury duty or witness summons - ask the court for a letter outlining the details and dates
  • Death/illness of family member - send us a medical certificate or death certificate
  • Death/illness/injury of you or your travelling companions - send us a medical certificate or death certificate
  • Military service - ask your superior for a letter outlining the details of the call to duty
  • House becomes uninhabitable - if your house is burgled, it burns down or it has been made uninhabitable then you can claim for cancelling your holiday by producing a letter from the police

Whatever you are cancelling your holiday for, remember that all letters or certificates must be clearly dated to prove that the incident coincided with your holiday dates.

You'll need to send us airline tickets or a holiday confirmation letter that indicates your holiday dates.

Holiday Curtailment

Sometimes holiday makers have to cut their holiday short due to unforeseen circumstances, which can be a big disappointment.

You can make a curtailment claim for the following:

  • If you become ill and your doctor abroad advises you to return home - get a dated letter from the attending doctor as proof that it was necessary for you to return to the UK
  • If a close relative has fallen ill or died in the UK, send us a medical or death certificate
  • If your house has been burgled while you are away you can claim for curtailment - send us a letter from the police containing details of the incident

In all instances, you should contact our 24 hour emergency support service if you need to cut short your holiday.

For more information about making a claim for cancellation or curtailment and how much you are covered for, please refer to your policy wording.

More Claims Information

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