Adventure family holidays abroad

Taking your family on holiday? Want something different from your family holidays abroad that will make both you and your children smile? Fed up of the same old resorts? After a holiday that's a bit more adventurous?

If you are the type of get up and go family that likes to get out and about then check out our ideas for adventure family holidays abroad. They offer a new way to enjoy holidaying with the kids - one that's action packed and full of fun!

Canoe down the Ardeche

A great way to enjoy family holidays abroad is to incorporate sightseeing, beautiful weather and fantastic scenery with the opportunity to get your muscles working. Sign up to a canoeing trip down the Ardeche - it's a great activity for young and old alike.

The Ardeche is a 125km long river in France, with spectacular scenery blessed with brilliant sunshine throughout the summer.

There are many companies that offer multi-activity family adventures on and around the river. Activities include canoeing, kayaking, canyoning and caving. Tours can be anything from a couple of days in length to a week-long trip, and most include B&B accommodation or camping along the way. While the adults enjoy the pristine scenery, the kids can enjoy their newfound independence in their very own canoe.

Canoeing is a great way to keep children active, and it can be the perfect chance for the family to experience something new together.

Camping in Yosemite National Park

A family holiday abroad can be expensive, so camping is a great way to enjoy your family adventures on a budget.

Yosemite National Park in California is packed with activities to suit the whole family. Why not try rock climbing for the first time? Yosemite is a renowned hotspot for climbers - El Capitan and Half Dome are the two most famous rock faces in the park, but beginners classes are available that take on gentler rock faces.

Yosemite has 12 miles of paved bike trails and rental bikes for all ages are available. In spite of the hilly terrain, many of the cycle routes are fairly flat making cycling a suitable pastime for all ages and abilities.

Horse riding excursions in the park range from just a couple of hours to a full day in the wilderness. You can also go rafting or fishing, and there are endless opportunities for hiking. Young kids can also enjoy some of the fun activity programmes that are on offer at the visitor centre.

In the summer the climate is pleasantly warm, creating the perfect weather for camping in Yosemite National Park.

North American family horse riding trips

America and Canada are both great countries to explore on horseback. Travel back in time and find out what it's like to stay on a real working ranch. Enjoy fantastic mountain scenery from the saddle before plunging through a cooling river. Other outdoor activities on offer include white-water rafting, hiking and fishing.

Lodges and ranches provide excellent accommodation for families as they can be very spacious. Outdoor space around the lodge gives plenty of room for children to play.

Many tour operators offer horse riding holidays that are suitable for families and riders of a range of abilities.

The Rocky Mountains that stretch through Canada and the USA are a great place to start looking for the perfect horse riding holiday.

Elephant safari in India

Many kids love family adventures that involve animals, and adventure family holidays don't get much bigger than riding the biggest mammal on the planet. Elephants can trek through wild regions of India that are out of reach to safari jeeps. Corbett National Park is a popular reserve to enjoy elephant back safaris.

From the back of an elephant, you can get a high, uninterrupted view of the surrounding wilderness. And because elephants are the largest land animals, other wildlife shouldn't mess with them! If you're lucky, you could spot endangered tigers in the wild.

Elephant rides are great for families because the whole family can fit on one animal! So you can enjoy the ride together.

There are many tour operators offering week-long elephant safaris. Shop around to find the right trip to suit you and your family.

Organised family adventures

Take the whole family on an organised family adventure. An organised tour could be the perfect way to enjoy adventure family holidays. Exodus, offer a selection of Family Adventure Holidays, with everything arranged for you, Exodus can offer family holidays abroad that are off the beaten track.

On their Namibian Adventurer trip, you and the kids can scramble up a towering copper sand dune in the Namib dessert and see wild cats in the spectacular Etosha National Park. Or explore the tombs and pyramids on their Land of the Pharaohs trip where you can hop on a camel for the ride of your life!

The benefit of joining a tour that is aimed at families is that you can meet like-minded travellers, and the kids will always have someone to play with. Activities on Exodus family adventures are designed to suit the whole family.

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