How to prevent travel sickness

Sometimes referred to as motion sickness, sea sickness or car sickness, travel sickness is when your sense of balance is affected in the inner ear. Your brain is being told you are moving, while your eyes perceive no movement.

Some people suffer from travel sickness more than others and children are more prone to it than adults.

Learn to prevent travel sickness so that it doesn't ruin your holiday.

Travel sickness prevention

  • Sit in the front seat of a car if you suffer from car sickness and try to avoid long journeys. If long journeys are necessary, take plenty of breaks
  • Don't have anything dangling from the rear view mirror of your car that could make you feel dizzy
  • If you are travelling by boat, sit towards the middle where there is less motion, or out on deck so that you can see the horizon
  • Try to give yourself a supply of fresh air if you can
  • Listen to music to distract your brain
  • Take ginger tablets or peppermint oil - they both settle the stomach and reduce the symptoms of travel sickness
  • Don't eat a heavy meal before you travel and avoid spicy or fatty foods
  • Sit over the wings on flights where there is less motion
  • Over-the-counter remedies can be effective but they can cause drowsiness
  • If you want to avoid taking medicine, try using an acupressure wristband. Make sure you put it on before you set off
  • Get plenty of rest before you travel as tiredness can add to the severity of travel sickness
  • Have a nap or close your eyes to counteract the nausea
  • Don't read while you are travelling
  • Don't sit near other people that suffer from travel sickness
  • Avoid acidic or carbonated drinks - drink plenty of water
  • Travel in loose-fitting, comfortable clothes
  • After you've tried everything and you still suffer from travel sickness, make sure you have a sick bag on standby!

Don't let travel sickness stop you from travelling. Follow our preventative measures and you will minimise your chances of getting sick, giving you a better chance of enjoying your holiday.

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