Travel News > March 2008 > Visits to sustainable attracts are good, says WWF

Visits to sustainable attracts are good, says WWF


Conservation agency the WWF has backed plans this week to encourage tourists to reduce their environmental impact by visiting sustainable attractions.

However, according to the world's largest independent conservation organisation, tourists should also consider their method of transport when on holiday, as this is also an important ecological factor.

Peter Lockley, head of transport policy at WWF, said: "The impact of expanding airports and cheap flights is actually a drain on the UK's tourism balance.

"We know that rail travel is several times less carbon intensive than flying and so that's a preferable way for people to arrive."

He cited research by tourism agency VisitBritain, which revealed that around £17 billion more is spent each year by Brits abroad than by foreigners visiting this country – showing the benefits that boycotting aviation travel and holidaying at home could hold.

Earlier this year, VisitBritain launched its 'Green Start' pilot programme, which offers tourist sites in Britain advice on improving their environmental sustainability.

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