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US is top choice for travellers


The top destination for UK travellers is New York, with more Britain's choosing to fly to America over short haul flights, says a spokesperson for Heathrow Airport.

travel to the US has risen by three per cent in the past year and long haul flights are up by ten per cent in total, according to the Association of British travel Agents (ABTA).

Damon Hunt, a spokesperson for Heathrow Airport, said that the international hub is running at 99 per cent capacity.

Almost 70 million UK people travelled abroad last year, said the ABTA, choosing Paris, Hong Kong, Dublin, Dubai and Los Angeles as some of the other top ten destinations.

The Air Transport Users Council said yesterday that regional airports are growing faster than London-based ones.

James Fremantle, industry affairs manager at the Air Transport Users Council, said that the increase in domestic flights had been massive and there are more flights now than there were ten years ago.

He says the rise is due to relaxing of EU legislation, introduction of new carriers and an increase in train prices causing rail customer to fly instead.

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