Travel News > March 2008 > Travel Insurance may compensate for Terminal 5 delays

Travel Insurance may compensate for Terminal 5 delays


Those who have had their holiday plans adversely affected by the teething problems at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 may be covered by their travel insurance.

MSN Money has advised holidaymakers to check their travel insurance policies to find out what sort of compensation they are entitled to in the event of delayed or cancelled flights.

Terminal 5 opened on Friday March 28th and British Airways (BA) claimed that customers travelling through the new building would be able to check-in in record times.

However, thanks to the breakdown of the terminal's baggage system the reality has been somewhat different with BA having to cancel 200 flights in three days last week.

Sarah Modlock at MSN Money said: "Take a look at your travel insurance documents too – you may be covered unless the cancellation or delay is due to terrorism.

"[However] travel policies will not normally respond where cancellations, either by the operator or by yourself, occur due to terrorist activity, or the threat of such activity.".

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