Travel News > March 2010 > Travel insurance gives better protection for winter sports than a woolly hat

Travel insurance gives better protection for winter sports than a woolly hat


London Mayor Boris Johnson has reignited the debate about whether winter sports enthusiasts should wear helmets after writing in the Daily Telegraph that he refuses to wear anything on his head but a woolly hat.

His theory is that the helmet-wearing craze that has swept across ski resorts over the past couple of years has more to do with fashion than safety. He even suggests it's a sign of people's need to literally take cover from the harsh economic times.

In fact, medical experts are divided about whether helmets can actually prevent or lessen the effects of serious head injuries sustained on the slopes but one thing is abundantly clear - winter sports travel insurance provides skiers with better protection than any woolly hat.

Every year thousands of British skiers and boarders sustain injuries on the slopes, even the most minor of which can leave them with medical bills running into hundreds of pounds.

Good winter sports insurance will provide cover for search and rescue, emergency medical treatment, repatriation and compensation for unused lift passes, ski hire and lessons and damage to or loss of equipment.

Before setting off on a winter sports holiday, skiers and boarders should check their travel insurance is adequate. In particular, they should make sure that it covers every sport they intend to participate in, including off-piste skiing (both with and without a guide, on marked and unmarked runs), sledging and snow-mobile rides.

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