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Travel agents responsible for holiday changes


travel agents should take responsibility when activity or sports holidays need to be rearranged or refunded, says one industry expert.

According to the British Insurance Brokers' Association (Biba), which is the UK's leading general insurance organisation, in the event of an activity is no longer being available then the travel agent should make alternative arrangements.

Technical and corporate affairs executive for Biba, Graeme Trudgill, also noted that travel insurance policies may cover holidaymakers for certain unforeseen circumstances.

He said: "With skiing you do get cover for piste closure. For piste closure you usually get around £300 a day. For an unused ski pack you can get up to £500 for your holiday.

"That is why you have a specialist winter sports holiday policy because you can get cover for piste closure."

In related news, price comparison website released research last month which revealed that annual insurance policies are often cheaper than single trip insurance policies for winter sports holidays.

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