Travel News > August 2010 > Tourists visiting Vatican City are told to cover up

Tourists visiting Vatican City are told to cover up


St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City has always enforced a strict dress code, but now people visiting St Peter's Square are also being asked to dress more conservatively. Tourists that turn up with bare shoulders and legs are being turned away. Some tourists visiting Vatican City have been forced to buy long trousers or scarves from the local shops in order to gain entrance.

The extension of the dress code came into play last week, and many tourists and locals have voiced their distaste of the decision. Locals visiting Vatican City just to pop into the pharmacy or post office were shocked by the stringent measures. The Catholic Church has been at the centre of a scandal involving the abuse of children, so many think the new dress code laws are hypocritical.

Rome is a popular holiday destination, and every year, millions of tourists visit Vatican City whilst on holiday in Rome. Art lovers will have a field day in the Vatican Museum, which consists of 1,400 rooms, 3,000 years of art and the main attraction of Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo's masterpiece on the ceiling of the chapel is one of the most famous works of art in the world.

St Peter's Basilica is one of the largest churches in the world and the interior is simply stunning. The Basilica is open every day and masses are held every Sunday. Meanwhile, St Peter's Square is a great place to congregate and admire the stunning architecture of Vatican City.

Anyone visiting Vatican City this summer should take appropriate clothing with them so they don't get caught out. Men should wear sleeved t-shirts and long trousers, while women should have their shoulders covered and wear a skirt that falls below the knee. The weather may be hot, but tank tops and shorts are big no-no.

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