Travel News > March 2008 > Those with an environmental conscience stay on home soil

Those with an environmental conscience stay on home soil


An increasing amount of travellers are listening to their environmental consciences and staying on home soil, says one industry expert.

Online tour operator claims that UK holidays are becoming more and more popular, showing that holidaymakers are taking green issues to heart.

"The UK is becoming increasingly popular for us and our product is reflecting that," said John Bevan, managing director of UK.

"Our customers are increasingly concerned by environmental issues and they offset their flights when booking flights."

John added that has a carbon offsetting scheme called carbonwise, which has proved a success with over one in ten customers choosing to take advantage of it.

The travel and leisure website reports that on February 27th 2007, sold 114 offsets through its carbonwise scheme which was a record for the website.

What is more, on December 17th last year it is estimated that 15 per cent of its customer had chosen to go carbonwise.

According to, around 2.5 million people log onto its website every week.

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