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The Icarus Cup is a high flying French festival not to be missed!


If you are planning a trip to France this September, then you might want to check out the Icarus Cup Free-Flying Festival, which is taking place on 16-19 September in Saint-Hillaire du Touvet.

The event attracts a mix of dare devil free flyers that take to the skies in paragliders, hot air balloons and, in true Icarus style, wing suits! In Greek mythology, Icarus used wings constructed of wax and feathers to escape his prison in Crete. The wing suit is probably the closest that man will ever get to experiencing unaided flight.

The Icarus Cup promises to be a spectacular French Festival where jaw dropping aerial acrobatics will be mixed with colourful costumes. The main event features stunts and displays involving hang gliders, paragliders, parachutes, wing suits, sail planes, gyrocopters and more.

The Masquerade Flights will feature hang glider and paraglider pilots dressed up in colourful costumes. When they take off, you'll get to see all manner of weird creatures floating across the sky! Another unmissable event at the Icarus Cup is the congregation of dozens of hot air balloons that take off in unison.

As the sun sets over the mountains, hundreds of colourful paper lanterns will be released into the night sky, each lit by a small flame. There will also be workshops held during the day to give you the chance to make your own lantern.

Another highlight is the Icarus Expo - a vast undercover arena filled with paragliding paraphernalia. There will also be a model aircraft trade fair, kite demonstrations, paragliding lessons and larger than life costumes on land.

To get to the festival, there will be special buses available from Lumbin and Saint Hillaire. Saint Hillaire is around 25km from Grenoble and 150km from Lyon.

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