Travel News > March 2010 > Sunbathing is good for you says new report

Sunbathing is good for you says new report


For years holidaymakers have been told to cover up in the sun to protect against skin cancer and while that advice still goes, they are now being told that the sun is good for them too.

New research from Denmark has revealed that our bodies' infection-fighting cells need a good dose of vitamin D to spur them into action. And one of the best sources of vitamin D is sunlight.

Scientists now believe that exposure to the sun can help us to fight all sorts of illnesses and diseases, including some cancers.

So if you were thinking of staying in rain-soaked Britain this summer, perhaps you should think again and book a trip to the sun. Not only will you look and feel better with a tan but a fortnight on a sun lounger might make you healthier too.

According to scientists, half the population of England is low on Vitamin D by the end of the winter and in Scotland that figure is as high as two-thirds.

Although vitamin D is also found in foods such as oily fish and eggs, the most efficient supply comes from the sun and in the UK there simply isn't enough in the winter. If we have another summer like last year, there won't be enough this summer either.

Long-standing advice to prevent skin from burning and limit exposure to the sun to prevent skin cancer still stands, but it seems that increasing our exposure to the sun in a sensible way could be even better still.

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