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Romantic weekend away best gift for Valentines Day


The gift most British people would like for Valentines Day is a romantic weekend away, according to new research.

A survey by found that 56 per cent of people would choose a romantic break, but almost a third think they will receive nothing this February 14th.

Of the people wanting a weekend break, 40 per cent said they did not mind where it was, as long as they were with their loved one.

Gender made a difference in the type of break wanted, with women opting for a busy city break, while men preferred the option of a luxurious beach break.

The research found that disappointing gifts like tacky underwear, cheap perfume and flowers from the garage were expected by 61 per cent of people.

Some of most romantic things to do on a weekend away in England includes a flight in a hot air balloon, a chauffeured punt on the river in Cambridge and wine tasting in Gloucestershire, according to Enjoy England.

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