Travel News > February 2008 > Rail travellers should insure themselves

Rail travellers should insure themselves


InterRailers should make sure they get the correct insurance for their travels which covers theft or loss, said an expert.

The travellers should insure their bags as they tend to carry everything in one bag and should also make sure their InterRail pass is insured, said an expert from STA travel.

Research from shows that 25 per cent of people travel without adequate insurance, or with no insurance.

A spokesperson for STA travel said: "With all your possessions in one bag, it is advisory to take adequate travel insurance. Also make sure your insurance also covers the loss/theft of your InterRail pass."

She also advised that people travelled on overnight trains to save money on hotels.

Travelling light was recommended, as it means there is less packing and unpacking and will give more space on the train, it also ultimately reduces the number of things which can be lost or stolen.

STA also suggested that travellers take a diary and something to keep them entertained, like an mp3 player.

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