Travel News > February 2008 > Passenger charges boost easyJet's profits

Passenger charges boost easyJet's profits


Charging passengers to check their baggage is helping easyJet to keep its profits up, offsetting increasing fuel costs, according to a source.

The budget airline has so far met its predictions for a 20 per cent rise in profits for the whole year.

EasyJet went on to predict that second quarter profits would be higher than they expected due to the baggage charges and the strength of the euro.

The airline recently increased the amount it charges customer to check in luggage, from £2 to £3.99.

A particularly strong performance was seen at Gatwick this year and the number of passengers flying from the UK increased by five per cent.

Ryanair has also recently increased the cost of checking in baggage at the airport from £10 to £12 and the cost of checking in at the airport to £3, from £2.

Price cuts on budget airline tickets have been predicted in light of the recent economic crunch and the rising lack of consumer interest in budget flights, said the Air Transport Users Council.

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