Travel News > September 2008 > Older Brits partake in "risky" holiday antics

Older Brits partake in "risky" holiday antics


Older Brits are increasingly partaking in "risky" holiday antics, which they may not have travel insurance for one expert has said.

According to news website this phenomenon is such that the acronym OAP - formerly used to represent old age pensioner - has now come to stand for "overseas and plastered".

Rania Kossiori, British vice-consul in the Greek island of Rhodes, explained that most problems arising with the older generation overseas originates from the over-consumption of alcohol and food.

She added: "Drinking and staying too long in the sun can make you ill and undertaking strenuous activity like going swimming or snorkelling after a large meal can put you in unnecessary danger: people have drowned this way."

In related news, it was recently reported that 18 per cent of Canadian holidaymakers sort out their travel insurance with just 48 hours left before their departure.

Furthermore, of these travellers 50 per cent were still getting quotes the day before they were due to jet off.

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