Travel News > March 2008 > Older British holidaymakers: Underinsured and overindulging

Older British holidaymakers: Underinsured and overindulging


Older British holidaymakers are underinsured and overindulging, according to a new report released by the Foreign Office.

Research by the government department found that travellers over the age of 55 may be risking their health by drinking too much on holiday, and eating excessive amounts before swimming in their hotel's pool.

Rania Kossiori, the British vice-consul in Rhodes, Greece, said: "Most problems we see with the older generation of Brits arise from over-consumption of alcohol and food."

Furthermore, this age group is increasingly partaking in risky activities, such as bungee jumping, without having a travel insurance policy.

This may have something to do with the fact that 14 per cent of older holidaymakers say they feel less-worried about their personal safety when they are away from home.

Another ten per cent said that they do not follow the advice they give to their own children when abroad.

Holidaymakers over the age of 55 are also neglecting to get health checks before jetting off.

For those who are underinsured, this means that if undiagnosed problems flare up while they are away their medical bills could cost as much as twice the price.

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