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Moscow hotels are the most expensive in the world


You might have thought that hotels in London, New York or Tokyo were the most expensive in the world, but according to a new survey that claim goes to Moscow.

Visitors to the Russian capital paid an average of £265 a night for a hotel room last year, which, though eye-wateringly expensive, was actually £37 less than they paid the previous year.

Hotels in Moscow have been the most expensive in the world for the past five years, according to international travel services group Hogg Robinson.

Last year, its average room rates were £40 higher than the next most expensive destination, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

However, room rates in most destinations fell last year as hoteliers sought to fill rooms left empty by the downturn in the global economy. But for UK holidaymakers prices continued to rise due to the fall in the value of the pound.

Average room rates in Abu Dhabi, the latest must see destination, rose by £32 per night, in Geneva - an increasingly popular city break destination - they were up by £6, and in Washington DC visitors had to pay £9 more to get a room for the night.

In New York, the third most expensive city in the world, rates fell by an average of 23 per cent, which represented a fall of £20 a night for UK visitors to the Big Apple.

Other cities to avoid if you are travelling on a budget are Paris, Manama in Bahrain, Milan, Copenhagen and Athens, which all feature in Hogg Robinson's top 10 most expensive places to stay.

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