Travel News > March 2008 > More female travellers venture into the great unknown alone

More female travellers venture into the great unknown alone


Female travellers are becoming more confident to travel into the great unknown alone, according to an industry expert.

Specialist website reported the increase in solo women travellers, asserting that this experience can be extremely rewarding.

Kristina Pentland, communications manager for said: "I think it's long been recognised that women wear the trousers when it comes to holiday decisions.

"[They] show a real concern when it comes to the environmental and social issues around tourism, causing them to choose ethical travel over mass tourism."

She added that a growing number of female travellers are also joining small group adventure trips, where there is the opportunity to meet other people with similar interests and outlooks.

In February 2008, reported an 87 per cent year-on-year increase in the number of people enquiring about community based holidays in the 2006 to 2007 period.

The website also revealed that in 2007 around 67 per cent of holidays were booked by women, while 37 per cent of women chose to travel alone.

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