Travel News > November 2007 > Monarch Airlines launches in-flight recycling scheme

Monarch Airlines launches in-flight recycling scheme


A low-cost airline has responded to concerns over air travel's environmental impact with the launch of an in-flight recycling programme.

Under the scheme, all flights inbound to Gatwick from no-frills carrier Monarch Airlines will run a recycling service to collect up passenger's used aluminium containers, magazines and all glass and plastic bottles.

Once collected, the material is then given to staff at the airport to be recycled, reports.

Managing director of Monarch Airlines Tim Jeans said the scheme had been launched in response to customer concerns and a series of successful trials.

Mr Jeans said: "With 70 per cent of the waste generated in the cabin being potentially recyclable, Monarch has been working with Gatwick Airport on the initiative to ensure that the recyclable waste is removed from the aircraft on arrival and recycled appropriately.

"We are looking to extend the scheme to include all Monarch's flights over the coming months and we urge our other UK and European airports to introduce the necessary recycling infrastructure to allow us to do so."

A survey conducted by Monarch found that 84 per cent of its customers perceived that airlines are not doing enough to recycle waste produced during flights.

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