Travel News > March 2008 > Look for local info on bag locks, say backpacking experts

Look for local info on bag locks, say backpacking experts


Backpackers wondering about whether or not they should lock their bags while globe-trekking should avail of advice about specific locations, it has been suggested.

Independent travel specialist Trailfinders noted that officials in some countries are particularly strict when it comes to bag searches.

In contrast however, there are destinations in which it is advisable to keep luggage locked - and avoid carrying valuables inside.

According to a spokesperson for Trailfinders, US customs officers are renowned for their "overzealous" attitude to bag-checking, and they have been known to break locks in order to carry out thorough searches.

"Conversely, in somewhere like Johannesburg the local authority advice is that you should always lock your bags as best as possible," observed the representative.

"What we generally say is to stick to local authority advice and not leave valuables in your luggage."

Recent research indicated that the world's backpackers carry pricey possessions worth around £1 billion with them on their adventures.

The figures, released by travel insurance experts, revealed that the average culture-seeker stores around £450-worth of valuables on their back.

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