Travel News > March 2008 > Long-haul breaks proving popular

Long-haul breaks proving popular


A growing number of people in the UK are choosing to fly to the other side of the world to enjoy a short break, new research has revealed.

The study by Halifax found that 3.7 million Britons flew in excess of 5.5 billion miles last year to take a long-haul break overseas.

According to the firm, this trend is set to continue, with one in ten planning such trips this year.

Paul Birkhead, senior manager of pricing and underwriting at Halifax travel insurance, urged those considering a long-haul holiday to ensure they have adequate travel insurance cover.

"Holidaymakers should not risk travelling without adequate insurance just because they are taking a short break. Things can go wrong whether you are taking a break for two days or two weeks " he remarked.

Donna Casey, spokesperson for BAA Heathrow, recently said that New York, Dubai and Hong Kong were the most popular long-haul destinations.

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